Friday, October 23, 2009

Nenjil nindravai.....

Last tamil movie I saw was in February…. Naan kadavul.. master piece of Bala. After that, I have watched 200+ Hollywood movies, no tamil movies impressed me to watch them, today watched Nadodigal, which overturn all the Hollywood movies watched in last 8 months, such a fantastic movie depicting friendship, father’s love, irresponsible relationship between a boy and a girl and finally, a new concept in tamil movies anger of friends…. Worth watching…

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

நிஜமாத்தான் சொல்றியா...

Few films which bestow suffer and stay within us irrevocably for a particular impact. Like a certain expression, gesture or action. "Katradhu Thamizh 'Tamil M.A' " would be remembered for its oft-repeated, a measured honest-to-goodness-question posed to the protagonist by the love of his life - Nijamaa dhan sollariya?

Translating into ‘do you truthfully mean it?’

Watch Here

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sharp edges of India

Well, today after coming home late in the night, I had this strong urge to blog about few things.
Why do depictions such as poverty, child abuse, and even the sight of somebody drenched in feces and ends up to an overwhelmingly happy and heart-warming experience movie? Is it something “Indian”??

Why was other countries – US, Europe are portrayed with skyscrapers and technologically advanced? Don’t they have slums (overcrowded urban area unfit for human habitation, inhabited by very poor people)?

Have a look at the below link

Below link is about Detroit – The Motor Capital of the world… also the Crime Capital of US

Will a movie depicting the darker side of western countries will be a hit??

Leaving out the Mangalore Pub Incident, generally arguing which is wrong/sin/crime, pub culture or people getting assaulted.

In the other side, our Daring Indian Models

And unconscious people who perform bizarre ritual of marrying dog

All those sharp edges of India….. :(

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tribute in memory of late Vijay Neelakantan.

October 24th 2006, very next day to Diwali… Destiny took away our most beloved Vijay Anna from the midst of us through a very tragic accident. He & anni were just back from their first diwali celebration.
Vijay Anna although you are not physically present with us, you were, you are and you will ever remain in our minds as the most considerate and loving person, we had ever met. We never considered you as a separate entity. You are in our minds, thoughts, hearts, eyes and infact you are part our system itself and nothing can take you away from there. The name given to the relation between you and us is Friend/Brother/Father and so many names. But to put it simply you are more to us than any thing else in this world. If anyone asks us whether you will remember Vijay anna, we will say NO because remembering comes when you forget a person. When we can never forget Vijay anna where is the question of remembering? At this hour of grief, we are unable to put our thoughts into words. The only thing we intend to say is We Love You Vijay anna. We always love you. You will ever remain with us.

SHINE ON.....YOU CRAZY DIAMOND…Loved you.....!

I'm referring to the death of a good friend/brother – Vijay anna in a bike accident 2 years back on this day at midnight. His death is by far is the worst way in which reality could have hit me I believe. Even now, and for ever, He will pass through in my mind and thoughts. It’s a most cruel way to take a life, but there was no one to comment on that, are we? GOD up there finally does have his way, although we try to believe that we can lead and live life on our own terms all the time.
I’m writing all this in grief and lots of pain inside. Because, it’s not just that I couldn’t be a part of those hard times, also much more for those who watched the last rights being performed, watch 2 parents sob desperately as they tried to come to terms with the drastic end to their 28 year old son, and watch his newly wed wife trying hard to believe that her soul mate was no more.
Why I didn’t attend the call on that night. Got the call again from his number next day early hour, only to hear his wife crying on the other end to break the tragic accident!
All of us have gone through our share of SHIT in life I’m sure, and more is to come I guess, but somewhere down the lane, as much as all of us tried to hide it, we realized that we were brought back onto Earth with a big damn thud!
Natural death is one thing, and that’s very well accepted after a certain point of time in life, but death of this kind is not what you want to see. Especially, There are no justification in any world for this, he was married 45 days earlier, which is when I met them, He & his wife just returned from their first diwali celebration and on the same day…
That’s the most strange thing isn't it, GOD does things when you least expect it. All of us would surely say - He didn’t deserve such an end, but do we know what we deserve for all the good and bad deeds we've done in life!
I really don’t want to prolong the misery anymore for all of us, but just wanted you guys to sit down and think - Life cannot always be driven at our own pace. We need to realize that we're in a stage, where what we do every step of the way does affect a lot of people around us too, mainly our immediate family and our closest circle of friends and foes. Even our every single emotion may hurt others, what is the point in getting angry, what do we get by doing bad deed to other human being. Please, Please, Please be careful when you get onto that bike/car the next time, when you go ahead and do something just to please yourself, not thinking of how it would affect other people.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Kavithaiya appadina???

மௌனமாக இருந்தது அவள் உதடுகள் மட்டுமே ...
ஓராயிரம் அசைவுகளை கொண்டிருந்தது அவள் விழிகள்
..... அவை பேசியது ஒரு வார்த்தை ..... காதல்...

Sorry for the kavithai above.. inspired by Kanuvagalin Kadhali..
please comment -- no bad words plz [:(]

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nuptial Knots....

Saturday again, was pondering over my last few days incidents to have a topic to blog, and this particular conversation hit me, and here I have penned my thoughts about that.

Few days back, I got a chance to meet up with some of my friends for a coffee, and a interesting but aged topic sprouted out - Love and Arranged Marriages, the reason it was interesting because, it happened between 6 of us, Sivaranjini being married, Sheetal being committed, Megha getting ready for the marriage in 10 days, Vardhan & Krishna being single but who knew the pleasure and pain of being in a relation and Siva being single, and all belonging to different cultural backgrounds of India.
(Don't wonder about where is my name, I didn't use the original names).

Sivaranjini whose marriage is arranged, Siva, Vardhan and Krishna talked about the factors influencing arranged marriages, Most of the times arranged marriages are not just between individuals - it involves the association and mingling of the families the couples come from, sometimes the religion and the caste. It's a complicated affair, no matter who you are, what you do for a living and how good your bank balance looks; you really can't be prepared for this. And most parents consider their last duty is to have their son or daughter to see that they pass through the marital rites of their choice.

Megha and Sheetal were more talking in the perspective, not against love marriages, but more like, even if parents don’t accept the partner we have chosen, we still will go ahead, believing/assuming parents will accept eventually in due course of time.

Personally, I feel Marriages should be an interesting experience where love and patience have to be harvested to reap the crop of affection and respect as time goes by.

In most love relationships, you are attracted to the person because of looks or personality and later you find out their flaws but still love them. It’s the same with arranged marriage, you like the person in first meet which is arranged, then have engagement period of 6 months or so, where you kind of get to know the other person by dating or whatever, and then marry.

There are several things when it comes to love marriages. Not all love marriages are successful and not all arranged marriages are successful. It’s a 50-50% ratio about love and arranged marriages.

I came to know that the odds are against love marriages working out. 50 to 60 percent of all love marriages (particularly in western countries) ending up in divorce against the mere 5 percent of arranged marriages ending up in divorce.

It’s all about love-arranged marriages or arranged-love marriages. I don’t see much difference between the two in today’s world. Every love marriage should be arranged. It’s about marrying someone and grows to love, irrespective of pre-marriage love.
Getting married will be a big change in one’s life - one has to share their life with a spouse. No matter how much love there is in between the two, it is an upward climb easing itself as you take it on steadily.

Family is a great thing and it is a huge responsibility, worth the time and effort! What is life without someone to love and a whole gang to make fun of?
And last but not least…. Hail singledom!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nayan pola oru PM Ketten....

"Yaaradi nee Mohini"...Well it’s a catchy title and with Nayan @ her best…. all I could say... It’s a one-time must watch on a cozy evening!

And Selvaraghavan is able to come up with such a script with out any sort of eccentricity as his movie is known for.

The story is pretty simple– unemployed boy falls in love with girl — girl denies it as she was already engaged –hero has a friend — and obvious the friend would have been engaged to the girl the boy loved– and finally the friend would give way for love .

Dhanush once again plays the role of a carefree youth, fighting with his Dad (Raghuvaran), falling in love with the ravishing Nayanthara. Sad to see Raghuvaran in his last movie, he has excelled in the role as ever. His body language in the movie shows the ailing actor’s health actually. The sweet interlude between dad and son is narrated in a enjoyable manner.

The most pitiest guy in the movie is Karthick who is the friend of Dhanush engaged to Nayan. The same classic movie sentiment is been pressed on him, He again plays the role similar to Alaipayuthey , Kanda Naal Mudhal.He should get some good roles, he’s a capable actor.

The music by Yuvan actually lacks the magical touch for a Selva’s movie .And why did they had Udit Narayan sing “Yengaeyo Paarththa Mayakkam”, It took out the essence of the lyrics.

Few scenes to have the feel are, when Nayan asks Dhanush whether her sister looks prettier than her and holding his hand saying ‘Feeling a lot better…’.And the dad-son bonding is actually has been depicted in a impressive way, like the other creation of Selva – 7/G. And for how long in tamil movies, the girl changes her mind the previous night of her wedding!!!

The most anguishing fact is the way how IT environment has been portrayed in the movie. It can’t get stupid than this. Too much of exaggeration. I was actually laughing out loud and am sure it stirs up laughter from the people who work for the same.

Some dialogues and scenes to watch are, when Nayan says Dhanush, “Hey, what do you think of yourself, I am your Superior Officer….”, and When Dhanush goof-up all the systems by thumping some keys and the emergency system goes up!!!!, and again getting the whole thing straight (CODE ACTIVATED) and delivering the project in the morning, I remember the night outs we have in college, studying the whole night and passing the exam next morning…. This is an extreme… I wish I could do the same!!!!

Overall I wish I have a project manager like Nayanthara!!!!!