Sunday, February 24, 2008

This part of my life is called........

This entry is especially dedicated to my two brief years after college (in Hyderabad and Chennai).

It’s going to be 3 years I left college, ever since life has rotating its course.

And the last year being here in US, Everyday has been a search in unconsciousness. I miss that home food, Hyderabad biriyani, monthly Chennai visits, I miss the chaos of Hyderabad Traffic, miss those endless night outs and I miss her! And left out only with a helpless tear every night, hoping that life flips through soon. But to get something you need to lose something.... but the price paid is too high, Fear and loneliness haunt me for losing all these golden days with my friends, while they are in the transition phase of bachelor to tying the nuptial knot.

Let me rewind the few moments of those years...

Me, more of a person who cherishes the moments and relish on them, after all memories are to be cherished at the least, as those won’t repeat in the future, even many of us wish it would !!!

Life has changed… not as comfortable as it used to be in our India, they are in different dimensions now After five years of my college, once out of my sweet home things have definitely changed. We, actually I came out of my class, and now a different part of the world.

Our lives have changed, my ways have changed, my routines have changed, our priorities have changed, our interests have changed and everything around us has almost changed compared to those years when we were together having fun, fighting and repenting for the same, those useless conversations/arguments we used to have…
I recall one such sleepless night in Arun’s house me, Ajeeth, Lokesh and Jeno on the other end… “namma ellarum nallavana kettavana”(!!!).

And with the my circle… my school gang… those laughing over anything and everything that is silly!! those kindals… vidiya vidiya aatam.. vidincha pirakum athey aatam..

But trust me, though at times we had fights/clashes/disagreements we really enjoyed being together, in every activities we did, either getting caught for all the roguish crap things we did or spending time in our Parvathipuram channel.

Oh! Am I getting sentimental or what... I don’t care… Thanks fellas for having a mark in my life. I will always look back at those days and miss those times together.

Might sound like a cliché but the one thing that really stays unchanged is the memories that we cherished together. Those have become good ol' days now. Time seems to compete with the speed of light.

To say a few things in my ~2 years of the life after college..., all the anna’s I got 2*Saravannan’s , Aravind, Maruthu, Vijay Neelakantan(unfortunately he is no more), Sivaram sekar… who all should be given award, for tolerating me !!!!

From the moment I stepped in Hyderabad, I was so comfortable, they were throughout with me, showing their caring nature, teaching me life, tolerance, responsibilities, corporate politics, I learned a lot from them, they being my seniors.

Those times, when I started washing my clothes (!!!), continuous movie evenings (2 movies @ a stretch in IMAX), this setting up the kitchen together, and me being there to finish off all of their cooking. Aravind anna’s perfection, Maruthu’s political speeches and chattering till morning 4 everyday, Birla mandir, chilkur trips, once in a while polambification with each other, my first trip from Hyderabad to Chennai… which was planned that day’s morning and I was able to catch the train and Saravannan anna who planned so early, he almost missed the train, and the 2005 Diwali when Chennai was flooded and no access either by road or air to Chennai, then me and Sivaram took the longest route in train from Hyderabad-Coimbatore-Dindigul -Madurai-Virudhunagar-Nagercoil and again Nagercoil-Chennai-Hyderabad, everything in 3 day weekend.. and didn’t stay in my house more than 20 hours !!!! but still it’s a diwali… when compared to those diwali’s where the fireworks will go on for couple of days and final year diwali celebrations @ kumaracoil for 3 days…!!! Those are the moments....

And 3-musketeers me, Vijay Neelakantan anna and Sivaram sekar.. Saturday nights at Cloud Nine ;). Catching up with all the happenings of the week. I was immersed in the love of brotherhood… was totally broken when Vijay anna left us…..

Apart from that, breeze in my life and which also turned out to be a wild storm in my life… when those numb moment of mine… as ME and SHE parted without any answer. We went past each other as if we didn’t have any chemistry.

I recollected those dates, those walking her back home, holding her hands to cross the road.She has always been my better half and without her I am feeling incomplete.

I remember the times when I lost my pride and ego first time in my life. Irrespective of how I handled her, she always gave me her constant best... yea it was unconditional love!!!

Now I stand here seeing her go past, starting a new life. We didn't even make an attempt to change things. Infact I was the one who selfishly sent her away. But I am equally helpless, not that I did not want her besides... circumstances and time make you do things you never wanted to...I miss HER!

Now that part of my life is called ‘LIFE’….

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Inoru vetti time-pass

When talking about Photography, I had for all time admired the creativity and the way the photographers capture the places so animated and present us a feast for others, I remember my dad’s passion on photography, who has an old Nikon.
I got my first point and shoot Canon SD 800 camera which so far was a very good companion everywhere, either a dance floor, or a scenic drive or just another moment.
Ok, let me get my scene down… appadi enna padam pidichitenu ketkireengala..
Itho… here I present my clicks..