Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sharp edges of India

Well, today after coming home late in the night, I had this strong urge to blog about few things.
Why do depictions such as poverty, child abuse, and even the sight of somebody drenched in feces and ends up to an overwhelmingly happy and heart-warming experience movie? Is it something “Indian”??

Why was other countries – US, Europe are portrayed with skyscrapers and technologically advanced? Don’t they have slums (overcrowded urban area unfit for human habitation, inhabited by very poor people)?

Have a look at the below link

Below link is about Detroit – The Motor Capital of the world… also the Crime Capital of US

Will a movie depicting the darker side of western countries will be a hit??

Leaving out the Mangalore Pub Incident, generally arguing which is wrong/sin/crime, pub culture or people getting assaulted.

In the other side, our Daring Indian Models

And unconscious people who perform bizarre ritual of marrying dog

All those sharp edges of India….. :(

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